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 New Gaming Community

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PostSubject: New Gaming Community   Thu Feb 17, 2011 7:21 pm

I am a member of a new website just starting up to act as a “social network of gaming”. This website is our Guild's official community, and it has been just that, a community, an organization under a common cause, for over 20 years. But now we have realized that now is the time to try and unite the vast yet separated communities of gaming, and it begins within fine establishments such as this.

On the website, each user keeps a social profile, and there is a main forum, streaming radio, and social groups that ANY user can create which sustain their own discussion boards. This allows for the discussion of any game (or any real common interest) to ensue.

There is even a social group for Fallen Earth! It would also be a great place to promote globaltech Atlas as a whole because- who are you guys kidding, this is one hell of a place!! javascript:emoticonp('Cool')

Check out this site, thought it was cool and want to spread the word for these dudes. Like FB but VERY gamer oriented: www.orderoflaibach.com Cool
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New Gaming Community
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