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PostSubject: ALL WAYPOINTS FOR EVERY AP MISSION IN S2   Fri Aug 20, 2010 9:13 pm

This format is basically the same for WHFUNKs waypoints for s1 only it provides the WPs for S2. Here's a list here of all AP missions in S2 aka "Northfields" to use these waypoints go to your fallen earth directory and locate your character.ini. the directory should be something like C:Program Files\Fallen Earth\Settings\User\(YourCharactername).ini, Once you find this file open it using notebook. Scroll down into the notepad section where you see strings of code starting with the word WAYPOINT and copy and paste all the waypoints under that section. you can only have 100 waypoints in your waypoint manager so if you already have a ton of em i suggest making room for them, and deleting them all once you're done with S2. Happy hunting guys =)

WAYPOINT_0=Barret Daniel Barret,4353328,5320153,182127
WAYPOINT_1=Barret Nigel Verence,4352640,5320698,181736
WAYPOINT_2=Barret Graham 807,4264052,5270223,181077
WAYPOINT_3=Blaine Jackson Sims,4871995,5756482,180525
WAYPOINT_4=Blaine Roderiga Serling,4897496,5750669,180500
WAYPOINT_5=Blaine Frida Blaine,4908229,5776371,180517
WAYPOINT_6=Blaine Major McGinley,4907728,5791456,180517
WAYPOINT_7=Blaine Slunk,4865478,5755517,180497
WAYPOINT_8=Blaine Phillip and Kitty Stone,5250608,5076042,181390
WAYPOINT_9=Blaine Felix Lasgow,5254438,5083207,181426
WAYPOINT_10=Devon Charlotte Kerny,4010092,5108246,184555
WAYPOINT_11=Devon Rhonda Billingsley,3995086,5110266,184995
WAYPOINT_12=Devon Moira Hudson,3994026,5111257,184997
WAYPOINT_13=Kristos Ralph Avery,5750082,5709079,188385
WAYPOINT_14=Kristos Jay Westerly,5753415,5695990,187380
WAYPOINT_15=Kristos Bob Culp,5753354,5697373,186938
WAYPOINT_16=Kristos Thomas Algood and Journal,5755458,5696308,187380
WAYPOINT_17=Kristos Box Cutter McCall,5757309,5700015,188243
WAYPOINT_18=Kristos Bank Officer Winship,5750219,5698365,188250
WAYPOINT_19=Last Stop Ben Carson,4106799,5542638,185862
WAYPOINT_20=Flagstaff Britt Kanjorsky,4480662,5524148,183436
WAYPOINT_21=Flagstaff Freedom Newspaper,4482796,5522923,183423
WAYPOINT_22=Flagstaff Elena Winters,4426254,5535471,183423
WAYPOINT_24=Flagstaff Cruikshank,4429035,5530918,183423
WAYPOINT_25=Flagstaff Shackleton Endurance,4462912,5543108,183423
WAYPOINT_26=Credit Bend Thumbs Valora,4686639,5462313,182886
WAYPOINT_27=Credit Bend Paul Moldovan,4666002,5459580,183387
WAYPOINT_28=Credit Bend Karol Steinmetz,4671150,5462771,182947
WAYPOINT_29=Credit Bend Malachai Portman,4677790,5456728,182894
WAYPOINT_30=Credit BendBruce Fenwood,4665218,5459512,182899
WAYPOINT_31=Credit Bend Arial Screed,4683006,5458161,182894
WAYPOINT_32=Credit Bend Brickhand,4660926,5466773,182903
WAYPOINT_33=Credit Bend Adrian Lazar,4675811,5467998,182894
WAYPOINT_34=Haven Sister Ziri,4511124,5185409,183705
WAYPOINT_35=Haven Wei Zhu,4522181,5161834,183650
WAYPOINT_36=Haven Hank Jennings,4508863,5151185,183533
WAYPOINT_37=Haven Brother Isaac,4511237,5154043,183532
WAYPOINT_38=Picus Ridge Slider Bill,4508151,5400874,180302
WAYPOINT_39=Picus Ridge Jesus Batista,4490628,5378284,177890
WAYPOINT_40=Picus Ridge Willem Gutierrez,4479829,5381974,178089
WAYPOINT_41=Picus Ridge Javier Huerta,4476126,5380097,178089
WAYPOINT_42=Picus Ridge Patricia Wang,4477407,5375809,178089
WAYPOINT_43=Picus Ridge Abdalla Sadr,4481440,5375254,178089
WAYPOINT_44=Picus Ridge Derek Holman,4487178,5377674,180594
WAYPOINT_45=Post 23 Sheriff Hank Yates,4519235,5299215,184425
WAYPOINT_46=Post 23 Natasha Fuller,4516034,5301445,183419
WAYPOINT_47=Post 23 Chun Kwong,4511829,5298919,182947
WAYPOINT_48=Post 23 Tripline,4517537,5285291,183017
WAYPOINT_49=Post 23 Bearer Victor,4519803,5282275,182977
WAYPOINT_50=Post 23 Hans Iller,4524886,5297403,183067
WAYPOINT_51=Thornes Bluff Matthew Hudson,4937798,5157181,181810
WAYPOINT_52=Thornes Bluff Soleil Sunrunner,4897430,5144014,181631
WAYPOINT_53=Thornes Bluff Constance Silsmore,4889222,5136889,181408
WAYPOINT_54=Thornes Bluff Iriana Dupree,4884056,5140299,181551
WAYPOINT_55=Thornes Bluff Craig Trevors,4885286,5153073,181550
WAYPOINT_56=Hollister Ellie Reinecker Bug Farm Corn ,5041425,5631896,180279
WAYPOINT_57=Pumphouse Wade VanHorn,5032207,5775747,180851
WAYPOINT_58=Pumphouse Mark Mills,5033144,5779854,180787
WAYPOINT_59=Sunset Hill Jeremiah Underhill,4272954,5175588,181675
WAYPOINT_60=Sunshine Corners Ian Needles,4533923,4988965,183949
WAYPOINT_61=Sunshine Corners The Doctor,4545018,5000498,183800
WAYPOINT_62=Sunshine Corners Corrine Bruce,4543537,4992245,183783

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PostSubject: Phillies' Mike Stutes Beging to 'ooooze' faith   Thu Jul 21, 2011 12:20 am

Phillies' Mike Stutes Beging to 'ooooze' faith

You know you’ve arrived as a Philadelphia Phillies athlete when, for a brief second, you’re hearing “boos” but are instead hearing the favorable sound of fans chanting your name or nickname.

After Twenty years Flyers backup goalie Dominic Roussel heard the crowd’s “Roooos” with every critical save he made. Fellow Flyers goalie Brian Boucher listened to the sweets sounds of “Boooosh.” Raul Ibanez hears “Rauuuuls” and Carlos Ruiz is greeted with “Chooooch.”
Sunday at Citizens Bank Park, rookie reliever Mike Stutes entered the eight inning of a one-run game. When he recorded three quick outs, two by strikeout, the “Stoooots” cheers grew louder from the 45,361 people packed inside the park. “I make an effort to block out all that stuff and pay attention to what’ s ?happen out on the field,” Stutes said afterward.
Whether or not Stutes heard the chants was out of the point. Sunday didn’t mark his arrival as a force to be reckoned with in the Philadelphia Phillies bullpen; it’s just his most recent, controlling performance since being summoned to the big leagues on Easter Sunday.
The 24-year-old Stutes, one of the final cuts before Opening Day, hasn’t allowed a run in 18 of his 21 appearances in the big leagues. He’s held opponents to a .185 batting average and a .601 OPS (on-base plus slugging percentage).
Stutes has walked 10 while striking out 21 batters in 181/3 innings. Among Phillies relievers, his 10.1 strikeouts-per-nine innings is just advance ?Ryan Madson (9.93, 15th among NL relievers) and just behind Antonio Bastardo (10.80, 10th among NL relievers).
Stutes first display his stuff to the major league staff this spring, when he struck out nine in nine Grapefruit League innings while admitting just one earned run.
In the four years the Phils have won consecutive MLB National League East crowns, their bullpen has been blanketed with veterans, most acquired through trades or free agency. Among those hired arms: Contreras, Brad Lidge, Scott Eyre, J.C. Romero, Tom Gordon, Chad Durbin, Danys Baez and Chan Ho Park.
But the young reliever revolution has taken off in the first 2? months of the season with Bastardo and Stutes. Both have try to graduate from untested youngsters to blieved , late-inning relievers.
“They’ve been getting people out, that’s what it is,” Manuel stated bluntly. “Bastardo and Stutes, both, they’ve good at job. They’ve been the ones that have been getting people out.”
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