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 Possible best in show contest

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PostSubject: Possible best in show contest   Mon Mar 15, 2010 10:32 pm

Currently floating the idea of a 'best in show' contest, similar to what they are doing on Hulu.com now for tv shows, except this would be with in-game themes.

Current idea revolves around 5 weeks... 1 week of nominations, the top 5 go to vote in each category.

1 week for each vote to narrow down to finalists

1 week for semi finals

1 week for finals to choose 'best in show'

Here is a diagram perhaps of possible categories (only ideas and some fill ins where i couldn't think of one)

As a veteran member of the FE community, the ATLAS would like your input specifically on a possible new contest.

This is only a budding idea but could be good for the community.

While the forum this is posted on is publically available, this is still 'semi-private'. Please do not post in the main forum but feel free to ask for input from others you think may be interested.

Please respond with comments when able (i know that right now is 'busy' but next month is 'empty' and contests need some planning and thought)

The below is a very, very rough idea of what the contest would look like.. with each color being a different weeks voting time.

(oh gawd, no more end of days nightmares, was fun, but i way overextended myself)

While there is one 'best of show' winner, there are many individual winners too... best pvp player, best crafter, best forum contributor etc. ... as voted by the community. This is kind of a everybody wins by even being nominated contest rather than a 'you lost' contest... and that's how i'd like to promote it... very uplifting.

Your thoughts are appreciated.

An alternative might be a 'beauty pageant' type of competition... where contestants are given tasks to complete like in 'the next hot model' type contest. A different photograph for each week of the contest. The same type of voting elimination would occur. Something like photoshoots of 'best face', best outfit, best sunset with you modeling, best shot of you & vehicle etc. This could be interesting in itself, but has a slightly different tree and a more of a 'you are voted off the island' aspect than everybody wins... but could be hella fun too.

That different tree would likely be eliminating the bottom scoring contests (1 or 2 at a time depending on how many entrants)

Hopefully we could get FE on board for a meaningful in-game reward of somewhat permanent recognition, but failing that, some other type of prize hopefully (contributed by other groups).. hey the altas is broke in-game.

There are also options for even just basic voting on favorite towns, devs, missions, creatures, events to date, or just about anything pollwise.

I am looking for much thought and input into this potential idea.

I do realize there is a high chance of it becoming a popularity contest...but isn't that what american idol is too?

The main point of the contest would be to promote something positive about fe and recognize either a group or individual for their lasting contributions to the game.... or a beauty queen Razz

I'd particularly like RP group input as you probably can fill out a lot of ideas/themes better than us. Maybe even partner with a radio station like lifenet to provide some commentary/support.

A small group of personages were invited specifically to comment for a varied outlook as a focus group, because this could be a 'bigger than just the atlas' community event. These are just the first and please do not be insulted if you weren't one. Just a small focus group. (please invite others to comment too). This is a public thread, but we hope to keep it semi-secluded from the masses.

I am looking for criticisms, ideas, improvements and what might make the best contest in this overall them.

The contest really isn't about winning, but moreso about community involvement (though winning is great too).

It's designed to have the community be involved.. even just by voting to give some tangible aspect to things we as players can affect.

It's also designed to be extremely easy to run.
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Possible best in show contest
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