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These forums are for the discussion of Globaltech ATLAS content including maps, guides, apps and general discussion.

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 Make the game run smoother (for dummies)

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PostSubject: Make the game run smoother (for dummies)   Sun Dec 20, 2009 7:32 pm

I'm a console guy(XBOX 360 GO), and I (use to) play WOW( ITS TOO MUCH ABOUT GETTING GEAR ..I HATE THAT). iN Both hands your graphics on a silver platter HANDED TO YOU. That I have nothing against(I LOVED THAT). One thing about WOW hate it or love it, it looks good(DAM GOOD!!). My new Love (FE) got the spice I've been looking for(ITS THE GROWN WOMAN OF MMOS) THE MegaN fOX. THE BEYONNCE. I love her even tho she ain't the purdiest in the world, The thing is...I have to get rid of the Lag and stutter graphical issues, and then Our union can be complete. I can't keep running through town stuttering or trying to fight somthing and the lag gets me killed. THAT WON"T DO. I've posted perious threads asking for a lil guidance on the issue, BUT I need more than that, SOME ONE (ANYONE0BREAK THIS DOWN FOR ME BARNEY( Big Purple dino) STYLE, HOW DO I FREAKING GET THE LAG TO STOP AND THE STUTERING TO STOP ONCE AND FOR ALL!!!! eMAIL ME LINKS, BREAK IT DOWN SLOW, TELL ME WHAT YOU NEED FROM ME TO MAKE THIS GAME WORK RIGHT bECAUSE I'M ALOMST FEED UP!!!!! THANk YOU FOR YOUR TIME AND EFFORT. Timarisw@ymail.com yes I'm serious
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Make the game run smoother (for dummies)
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