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 End of Days... ends

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PostSubject: End of Days... ends   Sat Dec 05, 2009 3:28 pm

It's finally over.

Many thanks to all who contributed and for participating.

Overall, I'd rate it a success even though there were some rough spots or some in-game events lowly attended. Sometimes it was hard just getting people to /enter to try to win.

I'll take this collective experience and apply it to next year.

Current thoughts for next year would be:

-don't have a contest every day, have weeklong contests (perhaps players are overwhelmed by such frequent contests)
-still limit it to a month.. each weekend in november (though nov may be a poor choice in itself, a weeklong contest may mitigate that somewhat)
-for practicalities sake, that's eitehr 4 or 5 clans/orgs with large prizes or individual groups bundled together to form a large prize package.

The upshot is I learned a lot but also didn't play a lot during this time. all prizes were awarded that received entries and there were many winners, so the goal of community building and enhancing was definitely met (at least for those winners!)
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End of Days... ends
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