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 Sector 1 AP Mission Starter Waypoints

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PostSubject: Sector 1 AP Mission Starter Waypoints   Mon Oct 19, 2009 12:35 am

This is a listing of all stating quest givers (at least most may be missing 1 or 2 but not sure) for AP missions in Sector 1 according to the Atlas AP list. Enjoy.

Some conditions.
First: I spent some time making this. Use as you will but please give me credit.
Second: I will not be supporting any questions on this so ask someone else, sorry.

HOWTO: Add waypoints to Character .ini
Browse to and open with notepad:
\Fallen Earth\Settings\User\(YourCharactername).ini
Near the bottom after the toolbaraction you will see many strings starting with "WAYPOINT_"
Copy and Paste the below waypoints,
Note: limited to only 100 waypoints.

S1 Waypoints
WAYPOINT_0=Access Card 2991R,4678242,4178975,182844
WAYPOINT_1=Aaron Edgars,3977921,3032022,133681
WAYPOINT_3=Adam Hawk,4495995,3542035,141328
WAYPOINT_4=Allisa Bryant,4315989,4101487,133759
WAYPOINT_5=Angie Sharpe,4290673,3863405,141638
WAYPOINT_6=Anna Marcum,4291781,3730280,145864
WAYPOINT_7=Ballsy Frank,4203475,3049456,141059
WAYPOINT_8=Bing Tangelo,4409976,3494173,138897
WAYPOINT_9=Brother Eric Kelly,4392969,3263593,138563
WAYPOINT_10=Brother Keenan Orelsby,4833956,4197953,176201
WAYPOINT_11=Brother Paul Kelly,4386715,3247700,140318
WAYPOINT_13=Cal Thosian,4502887,3547753,141107
WAYPOINT_14=Captain Reynolds,4503334,3934961,182341
WAYPOINT_15=Chavez Herrera,4387744,3249022,140318
WAYPOINT_16=Clarissa Cross,4283929,3862960,141317
WAYPOINT_17=Colin Meebs,4329386,3585262,142085
WAYPOINT_18=Computer Terminal,4651938,3942888,181064
WAYPOINT_19=Computer Terminal,4213075,3721068,140178
WAYPOINT_20=Dan Hamilton,4392716,3262977,138571
WAYPOINT_21=Daphne McKlusky,3936850,3087639,-2147483648
WAYPOINT_22=David Ramsey,4677628,4126831,182381
WAYPOINT_23=Dr Delia Clinton,3973956,3390812,140835
WAYPOINT_24=Dr Elizabeth Watson,4258818,3215317,141715
WAYPOINT_25=Eagle Eye Tom,3951310,3044135,143136
WAYPOINT_26=Elroy Killian,4251496,3223756,141715
WAYPOINT_27=Flynn Neville,4257003,3230692,141715
WAYPOINT_29=Garren Bramby,3958384,3386413,140785
WAYPOINT_30=Graham 442,4191219,3714334,138044
WAYPOINT_31=Hans Grettner,4290826,3468649,140350
WAYPOINT_32=Harold Gibson,4417548,3375232,137566
WAYPOINT_33=Harry Abingdon,3963766,3392627,140835
WAYPOINT_34=Ida Rios,4192565,3060216,141508
WAYPOINT_37=Jason Dugan,4324122,3582583,142020
WAYPOINT_38=Jessica Wiss,4290403,3862473,141682
WAYPOINT_39=Jimbo McClellan,4311289,3742740,147591
WAYPOINT_40=Jocelyn Arimonte,4324788,3586677,142173
WAYPOINT_41=Johann Gruber,4290742,3468725,140350
WAYPOINT_42=Joseph Peters,3895224,3191891,144444
WAYPOINT_43=Kissy Fincher starts in SB,4252642,3215372,141715
WAYPOINT_44=Kyle Mather,4403274,3486370,139050
WAYPOINT_45=Laungon Smith,4396136,3266480,138444
WAYPOINT_46=Mag Thurper,4205623,3066832,141719
WAYPOINT_47=Marcia Huro,3895211,3186981,144439
WAYPOINT_48=Melinda Jacobsen,4394732,3160860,143575
WAYPOINT_49=Melissa Day Bell,4993132,4093336,129322
WAYPOINT_50=Mink Pearl,4332042,4100280,133339
WAYPOINT_51=Noah Wright,4408223,3183869,143255
WAYPOINT_52=Nurse Karen Wheeler,3958796,3063082,143333
WAYPOINT_53=Pala Gears,3914689,3192690,144759
WAYPOINT_54=Paul Jacobsen,4359332,3147948,141340
WAYPOINT_55=Peyton Cleary,4301245,3465694,140348
WAYPOINT_56=Quartermaster Weston,4292144,3855866,141808
WAYPOINT_57=Rafael Lopez,4293441,3466476,140350
WAYPOINT_58=Ranger Izzy Travis,4822227,4202148,177267
WAYPOINT_59=Ranger Samuel Dorsey,4386981,3182511,143041
WAYPOINT_61=Roger Scarborough,4519402,3799824,148828
WAYPOINT_62=Ronnie Johnston,4173687,3589992,140309
WAYPOINT_63=Sam Clinton,3969586,3386865,140752
WAYPOINT_66=Serena Nova,4506470,3805168,150898
WAYPOINT_67=Sergeant Baskins,4499840,3546600,141139
WAYPOINT_69=Stanford Wells,4442392,4040374,140831
WAYPOINT_70=Stanley Finn,4313339,4101045,133964
WAYPOINT_71=Sylvia Anderson,3971377,3076862,144171
WAYPOINT_72=Tammy Stone,4317704,3759023,150550
WAYPOINT_73=Terence Bonaventure,4406670,3495367,138951
WAYPOINT_74=Thelma Jo Wheeler,4995076,4099614,129340
WAYPOINT_75=Tommy Newton,4513795,3940606,182521
WAYPOINT_76=Tommy Smalls,4520572,3800289,148828
WAYPOINT_77=Warchief Jannix Boneclaw,3991983,3235658,138322
WAYPOINT_78=Zee Taylor,4165000,3590159,140302
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PostSubject: Re: Sector 1 AP Mission Starter Waypoints   Tue Oct 20, 2009 2:57 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Sector 1 AP Mission Starter Waypoints   Fri Oct 23, 2009 1:02 am

Thanks for this post.. I was missing alot!
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PostSubject: Re: Sector 1 AP Mission Starter Waypoints   Fri Oct 23, 2009 9:35 pm

i'll get this up for saturday at least... i've been preoccupied this week on wine and sorrows.

and I have a great disdain for trying to recreate lost art assets in the great computer boom on 2009.. well, not boom, but 'BOOM!".

AND i hate google... i host my flash type banners on gogglepages.. which recently migrated/(down)upgraded and I can't find them... don't know if i can upload new ones either... that's my project for tomorrow.

I also had the brilliant idea to remove the element that stored that on blogger (as i was maxxed out on capacity).. and well.. screwed the pooch on that one as I had coded into the site to only display that element on the front page. I can put the element back fine, but have to re-research where I need to id it in the code to make it only display on the front page.

Bah humbug.
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PostSubject: Re: Sector 1 AP Mission Starter Waypoints   Thu Nov 05, 2009 2:28 pm

This list made my day. In sync with the AP mission guides it was awsome.

Is there a known list for S2 and S3 out now or in the works?

Great work putting that together!
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PostSubject: Re: Sector 1 AP Mission Starter Waypoints   Thu Nov 05, 2009 4:35 pm

thanks allot for this
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PostSubject: Sorted list   Mon Nov 23, 2009 1:25 pm

Here's a sorted version of S1 AP Mission Starter Waypoint.

I have grouped located in a same area waypoints and sorted the groups.

WAYPOINT_0=0 Aaron Edgars,3977921,3032022,133681
WAYPOINT_1=0 Eagle Eye Tom,3951310,3044135,143136
WAYPOINT_2=0 Nurse Karen Wheeler,3958796,3063082,143333
WAYPOINT_3=0 Daphne McKlusky,3936850,3087639,-2147483648
WAYPOINT_4=0 Sylvia Anderson,3971377,3076862,144171
WAYPOINT_5=1 Joseph Peters,3895224,3191891,144444
WAYPOINT_6=1 Marcia Huro,3895211,3186981,144439
WAYPOINT_7=1 Pala Gears,3914689,3192690,144759
WAYPOINT_8=2 Scraw,3995395,3217545,142310
WAYPOINT_9=2 Scrum,3990955,3235426,138322
WAYPOINT_10=2 Warchief Jannix Boneclaw,3991983,3235658,138322
WAYPOINT_11=3 Ballsy Frank,4203475,3049456,141059
WAYPOINT_12=3 Ida Rios,4192565,3060216,141508
WAYPOINT_13=3 Jaggd,4193810,3057449,141436
WAYPOINT_14=3 Mag Thurper,4205623,3066832,141719
WAYPOINT_15=3 Simmons,4203366,3065463,141719
WAYPOINT_16=4 Dr Delia Clinton,3973956,3390812,140835
WAYPOINT_17=4 Garren Bramby,3958384,3386413,140785
WAYPOINT_18=4 Harry Abingdon,3963766,3392627,140835
WAYPOINT_19=4 Sam Clinton,3969586,3386865,140752
WAYPOINT_20=5 Dr Elizabeth Watson,4258818,3215317,141715
WAYPOINT_21=5 Elroy Killian,4251496,3223756,141715
WAYPOINT_22=5 Flynn Neville,4257003,3230692,141715
WAYPOINT_23=5 Kissy Fincher starts in SB,4252642,3215372,141715
WAYPOINT_24=6 Paul Jacobsen,4359332,3147948,141340
WAYPOINT_25=7 Melinda Jacobsen,4394732,3160860,143575
WAYPOINT_26=7 Noah Wright,4408223,3183869,143255
WAYPOINT_27=7 Ranger Samuel Dorsey,4386981,3182511,143041
WAYPOINT_28=8 Brother Eric Kelly,4392969,3263593,138563
WAYPOINT_29=8 Brother Paul Kelly,4386715,3247700,140318
WAYPOINT_30=8 Chavez Herrera,4387744,3249022,140318
WAYPOINT_31=8 Dan Hamilton,4392716,3262977,138571
WAYPOINT_32=8 Laungon Smith,4396136,3266480,138444
WAYPOINT_33=9 Hans Grettner,4290826,3468649,140350
WAYPOINT_34=9 Johann Gruber,4290742,3468725,140350
WAYPOINT_35=9 Peyton Cleary,4301245,3465694,140348
WAYPOINT_36=9 Rafael Lopez,4293441,3466476,140350
WAYPOINT_37=10 Forscythe,4179408,3597392,140302
WAYPOINT_38=10 Ronnie Johnston,4173687,3589992,140309
WAYPOINT_39=10 Zee Taylor,4165000,3590159,140302
WAYPOINT_40=11 Harold Gibson,4417548,3375232,137566
WAYPOINT_41=12 Bing Tangelo,4409976,3494173,138897
WAYPOINT_42=12 Kyle Mather,4403274,3486370,139050
WAYPOINT_43=12 Terence Bonaventure,4406670,3495367,138951
WAYPOINT_44=13 Colin Meebs,4329386,3585262,142085
WAYPOINT_45=13 Jason Dugan,4324122,3582583,142020
WAYPOINT_46=13 Jocelyn Arimonte,4324788,3586677,142173
WAYPOINT_47=14 Computer Terminal,4213075,3721068,140178
WAYPOINT_48=14 Graham 442,4191219,3714334,138044
WAYPOINT_49=15 Adam Hawk,4495995,3542035,141328
WAYPOINT_50=15 Cal Thosian,4502887,3547753,141107
WAYPOINT_51=15 Sergeant Baskins,4499840,3546600,141139
WAYPOINT_52=16 Anna Marcum,4291781,3730280,145864
WAYPOINT_53=16 Jimbo McClellan,4311289,3742740,147591
WAYPOINT_54=16 Tammy Stone,4317704,3759023,150550
WAYPOINT_55=17 Angie Sharpe,4290673,3863405,141638
WAYPOINT_56=17 Clarissa Cross,4283929,3862960,141317
WAYPOINT_57=17 Jessica Wiss,4290403,3862473,141682
WAYPOINT_58=17 Quartermaster Weston,4292144,3855866,141808
WAYPOINT_59=18 Roger Scarborough,4519402,3799824,148828
WAYPOINT_60=18 Serena Nova,4506470,3805168,150898
WAYPOINT_61=18 Tommy Smalls,4520572,3800289,148828
WAYPOINT_62=19 Allisa Bryant,4315989,4101487,133759
WAYPOINT_63=19 Mink Pearl,4332042,4100280,133339
WAYPOINT_64=19 Stanley Finn,4313339,4101045,133964
WAYPOINT_65=20 Captain Reynolds,4503334,3934961,182341
WAYPOINT_66=20 Tommy Newton,4513795,3940606,182521
WAYPOINT_67=21 Stanford Wells,4442392,4040374,140831
WAYPOINT_68=22 Computer Terminal,4651938,3942888,181064
WAYPOINT_69=23 David Ramsey,4677628,4126831,182381
WAYPOINT_70=24 Access Card 2991R,4678242,4178975,182844
WAYPOINT_71=25 Brother Keenan Orelsby,4833956,4197953,176201
WAYPOINT_72=25 Ranger Izzy Travis,4822227,4202148,177267
WAYPOINT_73=26 Melissa Day Bell,4993132,4093336,129322
WAYPOINT_74=26 Thelma Jo Wheeler,4995076,4099614,129340
WAYPOINT_75=27 Intercom,5027133,4116391,132689
WAYPOINT_76=28 Rats,6520013,5326362,192243
WAYPOINT_77=29 Bunker,6344715,5904127,-2147483648
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PostSubject: Re: Sector 1 AP Mission Starter Waypoints   Mon Dec 07, 2009 2:53 am

why does the first post have 78 and you have 77 waypoints are you missing an ap quest?
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PostSubject: Re: Sector 1 AP Mission Starter Waypoints   Fri Jan 15, 2010 3:34 pm

The number of waypoints is the same. The original poster missed out waypoint number 2 thereby making it look as though there is one more at a glance, but there isn't.
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PostSubject: Cunfusion..   Thu May 13, 2010 8:36 pm

Why are there 3 points when you can put in an X and Y? I am going to start with the first two points. Hopefully that works.
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PostSubject: Confusion... (2)   Thu May 13, 2010 8:43 pm

i copy and paste the waypoints but i can't save. It say access denied or something.... Sad
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PostSubject: Los Angeles Dodgers still want to get Deadline path   Thu Jul 21, 2011 12:19 am

Los Angeles Dodgers still want to get Deadline path

Dodgers -- Neither a four-game winning streak going into the All-Star break, nor the acquisition of outfielder Juan Rivera during it, meant that general manager Ned Colletti was prepare to commit the Dodgers to buying, or selling, by the July 31 non-waiver Trade Deadline.
"I'm undecided at that time . Not of either frame of mind," he said. "I' prefer to be in the buying mode, but this position [possibly selling] is new to me, and I don't ingenuously love it. We'll see how it goes the next two weeks. I'm still assure we can make a run out of the break. If we could pick up a game a week, we'd be in a acceptable spot. There are still a large of ?games left in the division [42 of 70]."
If the Los Angeles Dodgers become buyers, it's probably on the Walmart level, if not the 99 Cents Only Store. After all, they are in bankruptcy protection. They could attempt a slight upgrade with Rivera as Toronto was please to pay virtually all of his remaining wage . If the Dodgers can get a hitting infielder or veteran pitching help in the same fashion, that might be as much as can be hoped for.

Club sources insist it won't be All-Stars Matt Kemp or Clayton Kershaw. It won't be Chad Billingsley or rookies Rubby De La Rosa or Dee Gordon, either.
Andre Ethier? Hmmm. In line to score an eight-figure salary next year -- and maybe nine figures as a free agent after next season if his power numbers return -- Ethier says he wouldn't be surprised if he finishes this season elsewhere. It makes a little sense. He could bring a king's ransom of players in return from a team that needs a left-handed impact hitter for a stretch run.
Naturally , this is a franchise that traded away Mike Piazza in his prime. How did that solve?
Just about anybody else on the Dodgers' roster could be dealt, but probably won't. The ones who figure to draw the most interest are Hiroki Kuroda, Rafael Furcal, Jamey Carroll, Aaron Miles, even Hong-Chih Kuo. But for the most part, the Dodgers would shape up as sellers with little to sell.
You don't move keystones to your franchise,such as Kemp or Kershaw, without having replacements at the ready or getting them back in trade. The same goes for Ethier and Billingsley, unless the Dodgers are convinced they're receiving more than they're? surrender.
De La Rosa and Gordon are the future, and the cream of a Minor League system that hasn't carry on the needs at the Major League level.
Hiroki Kuroda and Rafael Furcal -- owed about $5 million in salary each for the remainder of this season -- become candidates because they are both on the point of be free agents. In the case of the injury-prone Furcal, the Dodgers have groomed Gordon to replace him at shortstop and the leadoff spot.
After suffering his 10th loss last week, Kuroda had the chance to say he would invoke his no-trade clause, but didn't and left the possibility open.
"only if there's a opportunity to play in the playoffs, I don't want to think about it," he said of a possible trade.
In either case, the Dodgers would hope to land prospects or big league-ready players who are better than what they have on the farm, and that shouldn't be a high bar to clear. Maybe they could get something of value in return for Kuo, notwithstanding? his elbow history and recent anxiety issues.naturally , he's only one season removed from the All-Star Game, and is under arbitration control for another two seasons.
Carroll and Miles are solid pieces who could help any contending club, but would that club be please to? surrender a legitimate prospect for a supporting player? Not likely.
The Dodgers would be prefer to ?deal first baseman James Loney( #7) . But considering his lack of run production this year, how attractive is he?
Naturally , mathematically, Colletti could be right. If the Dodgers can continue this streak coming out of the break, it can tighten up a division that doesn't have a powerhouse. But that deadline works both ways, and time is fast running out.
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PostSubject: Re: Sector 1 AP Mission Starter Waypoints   

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Sector 1 AP Mission Starter Waypoints
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