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 photobucket broken links

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PostSubject: photobucket broken links   Sun Oct 18, 2009 8:20 pm

Sorry about having photobucket broken links on the site here and in the main site... we've tried to either remove them or correct them.. if you see any more, please let us know so we can fix that.

Those were primarily created months ago during the fansite creation process and we quickly moved to hosting on our own site, but forgot about those few...

Again, the demo we tried here with the forum was launched with the same photobucket hosting (which was never meant to be permanent) but please keep in mind, we didn't intend to launch this at all at this time.

We also did use photobucket (ick) as the demo host, but never intended it to go live... it gets a bit confusing to remember where things are uploaded to. Please forgive us.

We are still working on restoring our programs that we used to create the site and are quite frankly ready to pirate some copies of things we already own, but won't install.
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photobucket broken links
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