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 Crafting Mats Northern S1

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PostSubject: Crafting Mats Northern S1   Sat Oct 17, 2009 6:31 pm

So I've made it to 11th level with Sinder “Crafter of Fine Armors and The Best of Ballistics.” And have seen much of sector 1's towns. Not so many of it's great farming spots. =( But a place any crafter of similar level should visit, I think, would be Pass Chris.
Most of the nodes south of town are 45 scavenge skill +. This seems to be the threshold for tear 2 materials. Salvaged Wood anyone? Also, there is a node there that has some books that are part of some 30 book quest worth 5AP or something.
A word of caution, The hermit crabs in the aria agro from a mile away. The good news about that is that they have a tone of scrap copper and scrap lead on them. Ok so thats not really good news. But if you've been slacking on your mining it'll help with the making of the bullets you'll be burning through trying to get to the nodes. Also, this isn't really what I'd call a place to “farm” at level 9-13. There are just too damn many of them around for you to be able to mindlessly harvest. But if you're broke and /or don't like the AH its a place to check out.
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Crafting Mats Northern S1
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