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 Crafter Farming

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PostSubject: Crafter Farming   Fri Oct 09, 2009 4:23 pm

I've been doing some farming with my crafter alt Sinder. (ahh.. the grind)
I started out trying to farm Blade Dancers.. The occasional ammo drop was always nice, but all that food was a waist of slots in my pack, and WAY too random for my tastes. (If I was looking to cook my opinion might have been a little different.) Also, I can't seem to find a human mob that isn't camped by at least 3 if not more people.
I moved on to coyotes, do to the suggestion made by my friend Andromida.

To farm them I basically melee'd the hell out of them by the garage/ stables just north of North Burg. Picking up on the cotton that abounds there, along with some ragged wool from the marshmallows (I mean woolly cactus).

I think the drops were great for a beginning crafter. Well, at least for a level 2-4 mob. The teeth, legs, and meat, go straight to a vendor in stacks of 100 for a couple of blue chips apiece. I put a couple of stacks of the hides and the Biological Chemicals into the bank for future use, and sell the rest to vendors for 3-4 blue each.

This one spot had items for Armor Craft, Mutagenics, Medicine, Nature, Salvaging, Cooking (you could also swing over across the street by the farm house for chicken parts), and Science (I'm guessing here, not done anything with it yet.)

I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions for other “Supper Spots”?
Preferably with low level mobs that are non-aggressive by default, supper dense, and close to the bottom of the map in sector 1?
Once I get up towards the middle, and then the top of the map I plan on doing new, but similar posts. (Hoping to avoid the same mess that the FE forums have turned into.)

Of course If someone beats me to those posts, more power to you.
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Crafter Farming
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