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 Inaccurate/outdated guide(s)?

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PostSubject: Inaccurate/outdated guide(s)?   Wed Sep 30, 2009 3:44 pm

I'm planning a character and took a look at the ones in the character planning guide by Kaerius. In particular, I was looking at this build:

Vista Rifleman
Max Dex+Per+Coo+End (560 AP)
Max Rifle+Dodge (166 AP)
164 AU (81 AP)
= 807 AP

152 Sonic: Armor buff, DoT, AoE stun+DD, speed debuff, DD (75 AP)
152 Primal: Speed buff, Coo+Per buff, Str+End buff, etc (75 AP)
152 Empathic: Heals, heals and more heals (75 AP)
110 Telekinesis: Armor buff, AoE KD+DD, gamma regen

= 1090 AP

Vista 80k Dodge+Primal = 135 DD+20/s DoT
Vista 80k Rifle+Sonic = AoE DD+Stun (replaces rifle shot)

This works well until you get to mutations and capstones, since according to the capstone guide the requirement is 164 sonic for Thundering shot and 164 primal for Spider's Fang while in the build they are both left at 152. Further complicating the matter is the fact that, according to the online character planner, the given stats in the build leave the maximum for sonic at 152 and the maximum for primal at a far more worrying 110.

Am I missing something, or are there some severe inaccuracies involved here?
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PostSubject: Re: Inaccurate/outdated guide(s)?   Wed Sep 30, 2009 8:41 pm

kaerius' guide is just that, a guide to building a character and nothing should be taken as gospel.

I am completely unable to verify any data from k's post but it was vetted by others as accurate.

I think some of the confusion may come in with the fact that some 'top level' skills don't actually require the skill to be maxed out and comes in a few points shy of totally maxxing it out.

Now for capstones, that's a different story. You would of course want to max those out if you want that skill.

So while I believe the guide is accurate for the most part, it is indeed incomplete in that it doesn't give full guidance to capstones. (i also *think* the capstone guide wasn't available at the time of that posts creation so the information may simply not have been available to k)

I haven't reviewed the actual post so may be misunderstand something.

Something to keep in mind is that these guides, and we do stress GUIDES, have been in the works since alpha and beta. Things may have indeed changed and should always be taken with a grain of salt as things may have changed, and will change.

I'd recommend using the character planner to fully plan your character which is being regularly updated with the most recent information available. The char planner is the current best resource while K's planner is more of a sample guide to building with some examples.

As always, please keep in mind that I am NOT the expert on these things and my comments are more directed at a general understanding rather than data analysis.
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Inaccurate/outdated guide(s)?
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